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Ron Curry November11th, 2009 03:15 PM

Holiday Season Coming!
Hi Folks,
I sincerely hope all is well with you all. Earlier this year I talked about "Memberships" and I recently realized I should have been more clear. "Registrations" are actually up compared to last year but "Donations" (only those who donate are actually "Members") were unusuallydown when I wrote that in May.

Anyhow, things have picked quite a bit since May and I want to thank the generosity of those who become full "Members" and continue to support ROG. Therefore I'm pleased to say ROG remains on solid ground. Thank you again.

For registered (free) users, hopefully you know that ROG is primarily a labor of love. I spend 200+ hours/year maintaining the site in a typical year and donations (i.e. full Memberships) pay for software upgrades and hosting costs primarily with a small amount left over. I think my salary is about -1/8 minimum wage :D !

Becoming a full member (by donating) helps keep ROG going (and keeps me motivated to run it ;) so, we know times are tough but if you are getting value from ROG I encourage you to become a full "Member" with a $50 or $100 donation and support the site for your own benefit.

Lastly, the holiday season is here and we here at ROG (myself and the moderator team) wish you a safe and enjoyable holidays!

All the best - Ron Curry

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